1. Be very sure each archer has entered the correct division, keeping in mind that if you move from one division to another, you may not qualify for any trophy.  

2. AWARDS will be presented for each leg and a belt buckle for division overall winner.   To qualify for the overall championship belt buckle in a division, you must compete in all 3 legs.  Additionally, must have a minimum of 5 archers in any division for individual leg trophies as well as for the belt buckle.  

3. The top 8 shooters in each division will be flighted for the 2nd and 3rd legs.

4. Time limits:  the first shooter at each tgt is allowed 2 mins to shoot his arrow.  Each subsequent shooter is allowed one min to shoot his arrow.  Group then has 4 mins to score the tgt, pull the arrows, AND reach the next tgt.  Trophy presentation will be promptly at 3:45.  ALL scorecards must be returned by 3:30 if you want to be included.

5. Please RESTRICT time spent looking for lost arrows.  Note tgt #, move on, look later!

6. Absolutely NO range finders or binoculars with ranging ability.  LEAVE THEM IN YOUR VEHICLE or we will hold them for you!  Simply having one on your person will disqualify both you and the remainder of the group.  Normal binoculars are allowed.  For traditional archers, no clickers, kisser buttons or stabilizers are allowed.  You may use arrow rests/plungers. 

7. Archers MUST shoot only ONE ARROW, PER ARCHER, PER TARGET!  No "mulligans".

8. Scoring:  5 /8 /10 normal.  CENTER ring = 11.  Hooves and horns = 0.  All tgts should be IBO or Universal.  If there is a debate within the group, use the lower score or call for the judge.  All targets are positions for a full broadside shot.  There are not quartering-away shots.

9. You will each have 2 score cards.  Select two persons in your group as score keepers for the group and give each of them one of your cards.  They will mark everyone’s score at each target.  Smart idea to compare and agree to a score prior to pulling any arrow from a given target.  Both cards need to be signed by you and the scorer.  We will not re-score your cards; all totals are final; ensure tgt score and total score are compatible before leaving tgt.   Both SIGNED cards need to be turned in to the tournament recorder at the end of the day.  Your card color corresponds to your shooting stake. 

10. Typical distances are:  Bowhunter Open (moveable pin) – inside of 50 yds; Bowhunter and Bowhunter Senior (fixed pin) inside of 40 yds; Traditional/Young Adult Compound  – inside 30 yds; Young Adult Traditional may shoot from the white stake as a form of handicap vs Young Adult Compound shooters.  There will be only one Young Adult trophy presented.  Youth – inside 20 yds.  Distances to the larger tgts, i.e. Elk, Buffalo, Moose, etc., can and should be considered farther.

11. ASA arrow speeds apply:  290 fps =/- 3%    Male Open; Male Bowhunter,  Male Bowhunter Senior.  All others 280 fps.   There may be a “speed trap” somewhere on the course.
12. Fun shooters – WELCOME!  You may shoot only one arrow per target. You must declare your intention when you registered, not after beginning a given course.  We hope you will enjoy the shoot and come back for more!  If you are new to tournament archery and unsure of scoring procedures, see me before going out on the course.

13. There may be absolutely no coaching.  That means even guessing distances out loud within the group is prohibited, regardless of what you promised your spouse walking down here!  It also means no shooting tips, i.e. “you dropped your bow arm”.

14. For safety and insurance reasons, anyone under 18 yrs of age MUST be with a responsible adult or guardian at all times.  

15. Follow the yellow tape trail markers; don’t take shortcuts. 

16. Check your score cards, top right corner, for your starting target number and course for both rounds.  Should rain or snow appear possible, you may continue to the 2nd course if all in your group agree.   

17. If you submitted your name for entry access for the 1st leg, your name will be submitted for the 2nd & 3rd legs as well – you do not have to do anything else.

Lunch will be served between 11:00 & 1:00

Remember the trophies presentation will be promptly at 3:45.  ALL scorecards must be returned by 3:30 if you want to be included.  Should you/your group decide to leave before the completion of either course, PLEASE, inform one of the board members in the clubhouse.  We ask that you consider remaining for the awards presentation; especially if you think you are a winner.  Support your fellow archers!